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Small Business-Melanie Skaggs Photography

It’s hard to be in business. And if you own, run or work for a small business it can seem like everyone is out to get you. I love living in Oregon, and have spent most of my adult life here, I went to school here and I am raising my family here. But I have to tell you it seems like the local government doesn’t want us here. Every month a new regulation or a new tax, some how the government seems to think I am made out of money. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and our government can’t seem to figure out that more taxes, and more regulations don’t produce more jobs.

I want to help! I am tired of it. I want people to work and have jobs. I want families to live the dream! The greatness of our country unlike any other, is if you have a dream, start a business and work hard you can succeed.

Each month Speed’s Auto Auction will promote a small business. I hope that you will visit this business and use their services if you need them. We can pull ourselves out of this mess, by doing business with people who employ local Oregonians.

The first business has nothing to do with cars, auctions, or towing.

My family and I are lucky enough to meet this husband and wife team. Melanie Skaggs runs the place and her husband Kevin helps when he can. They are a wonderful couple that takes incredible family photos, wedding picture, senior pictures, baby pictures, and many more. Please check out their site.

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The picture below is of me and my son. This was not a posed for pictures. This was between, takes, and they were able to capture this totally spontaneous. This is a picture of the actual print

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Small Business-Melanie Skaggs Photography

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